School age swimming lessons have a strong focus on developing swimming technique. This includes learning, and becoming adept at, all the different swimming strokes. Safety skills remain paramount in our lessons, along with growing confidence in the water.

Our swim school levels are set by ability rather than by age, with our staff highly trained to instruct and support every child’s development while learning to swim. Our swimmers progress when the skill criteria is met, meaning every child is treated as an individual within the class environment.


Age: 5 – 18 years

Class size: Starting from 4 up to 10 (depending on level)

Where: Baywave + Greerton (warm pools)

When: 30 minute classes, offered after-school 5 days a week (four x 10 week school terms with optional holiday development clinics)
Cost: $15.00 30mins / $16.00 45mins

Free assessment required

Note: We are committed to maximising the benefits of each lesson and our class sizes are kept small. Private lessons available (30 minutes duration).