Youth Fitness


Want to swim to enhance your current sports? Or swim for fitness in a non competitive environment? Our youth fitness caters for swimmers who are at a level where they can maintain an hour session in the water.

Free assessment required.


Caters for a range of abilities.
Great for fitness and keeping fit.
Coached sessions where you will participate with like-minded people to keep you motivated!

SESSION DURATION – 60 minutes.  These sessions run throughout the term.

COST – Please enquire with our team. 


Our Youth Fitness runs during the school term. This group targets those swimmers who have progressed from Drysdale Squad and are not interested in competitive swimming. 

The structure of this programme is to continue to develop the swimmers skills and builds on what they have learnt in Drysdale, extending fitness, focusing on, turns, streamlines, technical development of all four strokes, and introducing self-management of the athlete without the pressure to have to compete.  A swimmer in this programme may be looking to just swim for fitness, do some entry level triathlons, surf or train for water polo.


Caters for the Advanced swimmers.
Those targeting other swimming sports
Targets those who are capable swimmers and are looking to maintain a high level of swimming fitness.

SESSION DURATION  – 60 minutes

The cost for Advanced Fitness is billed quarterly at $120 per month.
A swimmer can swim in as many sessions as they like per week for this fee but must be booked into the sessions.


This group targets swimmers who may have been already swimming in one of our competitive squads or have in the past been a competitive swimmer who no longer wants to compete. The structure of the programme has the swimmer swimming extended distances. completing specific targeted swimming sets, challenging heart rates, technique and times. A swimmer in this programme may be looking to swim for fitness, and/or complement waterpolo, surf or triathlon training.

The requirement to be able to be a member of Advanced Fitness is that a swimmer must be able to complete a 400 metre swim in under 7 min 30 sec.