Natare Pools are our contractor for building both pools and supplying filtration.  The lads from Protech Stainless do the install and the welding.  So much detail but what a brilliant outcome!

With a complex build there are so many subcontractors responsible for so many areas.  Plumbing, earth moving, concreting, carpentry, glazing - let's play spot the trade in this video.

We hope when we're in the building you will appreciate what has gone on in the construction phases, how clever the team from CANAM and their subcontractors are, especially McLeod's Cranes.

Really great to see the build start to take shape, slabs being poured and dreams becoming reality.

With a smile a mile wide, Liz finally gets to put the spade in the ground.  Call it resilience or just plain stubborn but we're under way!

With the site being cleared and prepared for construction, even the simple sound of a digger and a couple of trucks is finally music to our ears :)